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Desires for a long-lasting actual love-making

How critical long lasting with your sex partner in bed is?

Have you ever asked yourself, how critical long lasting with your sex partner in bed is? For a successful relationship, a number of things are required to fulfilled or considered. Some of these things are communication, where you have to ensure that there are no communication barriers between you and your sex partner. Trust is among the key issues that need to be prioritized for a good relationship.

Fun and exciting sex life are also the major factors to be considered for a good relationship to thrive. In 2012 a survey of about 909 women was conducted where they were asked during a 16-hour day comprising of various activities the amount of ideal time for the activities. Sexual intimacy is the activity which was top-ranked at 106 minutes. This kind of activity whopped 0.26 more times than socializing which was the second top-ranked activity.

This rating of sexual intimacy led to the emergence of query – How essential is sex to women?

Out of a recent research study through the poll conducted by the Cosmopolitan magazine 0.8 of women pointed the issue of craving their men to last longer in bed. This show that 0.8 of women desire strong sexual stamina from their partners.

Over 2500 women that the Cosmopolitan magazine polled, some of the questions they experienced were; For how long did they desire sex to last? That is, what is the ideal time for making love? Superficially, the poll was pointing out the actual duration of the sexual intercourse. Actual intercourse period can be described as the time from initial penetration to when the man ejaculates, this is after the arousal.

Out of the poll conducted by the Cosmopolitan magazine below are some of the following results found;

  • About 0.01 of the women interviewed like capping copulation in three minutes.
  • More than 0.2 of the women desire the last longer in a bed of about 10 minutes.
  • Above 0.7 of the women prefer sex to last more than 10 minutes. The minimum of 10 minutes is almost twice the mean of actual sexual intercourse duration.

However, the commonest time that women preferred for actual love-making was 15-25 minutes. This showed that most men took an average of 5 minutes to reach the point of no return – ejaculate, of which quite a big number of women desire for their men to last longer in bed, they would like men to control the orgasms so as to prolong the actual love-making time. In other words, women would love men to last longer in bed three times.

Not only women who desire a last longer in bed, but also even the men want longer lasting love-making. This was seconded by the 2007 survey that was performed by Keith Ablow who is a health contributor from Fox News. He founded that both men and women desired sex to last thirty minutes. This proves beyond reasonable doubt that sexual performance prevails in a lot of minds.

Similarly, Cosmopolitan magazine conducted a survey where about 30000 men did a research with and some of the questions were;

For how long should a longer sack session last?

With the assumptions being that sack session includes the foreplay, on average men, expects the sexual activities to last for about 35-40 minutes. Including every man regardless of the marital status, size or race and not even the frequency of sexual intercourses, all desire to last longer in bed.

Last longer in bed originates from the ejaculatory reflex control which results in more sexual satisfaction for both sex partners due to multiple orgasms. However, is this achievable? Out of the scientific polls conducted, the research has proved that men last 5-7 minutes before ejaculating, thus leaving behind the 35-40 minutes sack session unrealistic.

The highest percentage of women agree that most men don’t spend half an hour on foreplay even when they are sexually active and healthy. From the survey, it is ultimately shown that men seem to like most, they should have the control to last longer in bed when they crave for it.

How Sex is Different for Men & Women

The difference in sex between men and women – Sexual intercourse for men is the actual penetration that causes a strong erection due to blood flow in the penis that results in climax due to the creation of stimulus. While for women is as a result of clitoral stimulation through the sexual intercourse. Penile stimulation from the actual intercourse can result in most men to orgasm in the shortest time possible due to rapid increase.

It is the secret desire of every man to last longer in bed. Luckily, there are various techniques that when adopted, can help men to lengthen the time duration from penetration to ejaculation.

These techniques include foreplay, use of desensitizing sprays, the stop-start technique, the adopted type of sex position and being aware of the “snooze button” on your penis when having sex to help you last longer in bed. But before looking at some of the most effective techniques, let’s first debunk some myths related to assisting men to get rid of PE (premature ejaculation).

Here am referring to all techniques which revolve around hanging your sexual thinking.’ Am sure that when doing your research you have come across sex xperts’ that promote various techniques to do with breathing the right way to exercising your pelvic muscles to use of the distraction method, in an attempt to treat PE.

Unfortunately, most men are so desperate to up their sex game such that they will attempt any technique suggested to them without questioning its effectiveness. Although we cannot completely brush-off some of these methods, the truth is, you cannot lengthen your sexual duration by just thinking about something else or by focusing on your breathing.

Even worse, with mental distractions, you will not pay attention to your partner’s pleasure, and this could worsen your case. What DOES work for most men are PHYSICAL methods.

Our Favorite Methods for Lasting Longer

The most effective methods to help you last longer   After extensive research and consultations with top therapists and urologist, we have identified several physical methods to help boost your sexual endurance without having to depend on pills.

Discussed below are some of the recommended ways to extend your endurance:

Masturbate before sex

Have you ever realized that it takes much longer to reach orgasm when you make love for the second time, hours or minutes after having the first sex? Well, men usually take more time to stimulate to another orgasm; thus they cannot have several orgasms within a short duration.

This recovery time is known as the refractory period. This refractory period does not only determine your ability to have a second erection but also extends the duration it takes you from penetration to having a second ejaculation. Having a shot of ejaculation through masturbation before having sex can, therefore, help you boost your endurance.


Sex is more than just penetration. Optimizing on foreplay can significantly boost your sexual experience in terms of pleasure and time. To last longer, sex therapists recommend a slow build-up of stimulation through foreplay. This allows your penis to adapt slowly to the sexual stimulation, therefore, allowing your penis to progress from 45 t0 60 as compared to jumping from 0 to 60.

The stop-start technique

Also known as the start-stop technique, the stop-start method of preventing PE is quite simple and straightforward as the name suggests. It involves stopping the sex act when you get close to achieving orgasm, to give your body time to recover.

But remember you should not wait until you’ve reached the oint of no return’ (just before ejaculation) for you to stop as this will only reduce the amount of stimulation it takes you to reach an orgasm upon starting again. The rule of thumb is, start and stop in a planned manner to help you withhold from ejaculating much longer.

The squeeze technique

Although it works excellently for men, the squeeze technique is least in our list of favorites as it compromises ones pleasure. Just as the name suggests, you are required to squeeze the penis through the shaft or press on the perineum (positioned between the testicles and the anus) to quell the release of early ejaculation.

Practicing the right sexual positions

Certain sexual positions can lead to early ejaculation due to the stronger stimulation while others help to delay orgasm. You are therefore advised to try out positions that are less likely to apply more pressure on the frenulum (underside of the penis) or those that will lead to full penetration.

So which positions work best?

Some of the sexual positions that are known to delay orgasm in men include:

  • Spooning
  • Doggy style position with modification (this is where a woman lies on her belly rather than on her knees)
  • Woman on top
  • Sitting position

Use a duration spray

Duration sprays have proven to be useful when it comes to preventing PE. What’s more, desensitizing gels and sprays have far fewer side effects when compared to some pills. Worried about the sensation? No need to be. There are quality products in the market with amazing absorption formulas to ensure that you still enjoy the sensation.

Any type of spray available in the market will just numb you. Only with Promescent, that will give you a gentle, desensitizing outcome of your preference.

It will as well offer you a great control without losing your sexual feeling as well as transference to your treasured partner.  Upon using many of our popular techniques, you will definitely learn great tips on how to last longer during sex.

Say “No” to Premature Ejaculation Pills

They are specifically designed to help millions of men who have premature ejaculation or PE complications and now they can afford a smile as them too can last longer in bed. You should not allow your worry to overcome PE be your own battle. You should refrain from using Premature Ejaculation tablets known as SSRIs, which are drugs that are sometimes prescribed for treating premature ejaculation complications.

Because they were primarily manufactured to function as antidepressants, these pills have been proven to prolong ejaculation in a lot of men. In addition, they have various other side effects for example; drowsiness, decreased libido, dizziness, erectile dysfunction, and nausea. The worst thing is that these pills’ treatment is usually a daily prescribed dosage. Who can really love to take a pill each day?

Luckily, your worries are solved because Priligy or Dapoxetine which is one unique last-longer pill in the entire market that has been proven to perfectly working to treating PE, is here for you. Apart from its effectiveness, SSRIs has many disadvantages as compare to Priligy which is the most commonly utilized last-longer spray. Priligy is one of the fast-acting SSRI which is used only “on-demand” and is taken one to three hours before sex, but SSRIs are usually taken on daily basis. It’s essential for you to know that Priligy is not safe for every man as it interacts with some types of medications, as well as with men who suffer from particular health conditions, for example, kidney, heart, and liver, thus they should not under any circumstance use it.  Apart from Priligy, there is no other stamina or last-longer pills that have been proven to work perfectly by any clinical professional.

If you want a pill that will treat your PE complication, ensure that read the medical studies and data and even consult a physician.   Sometimes the majority of people will only talk about lasting longer, but almost all men who suffer for PE complication will tell you that it’s more than just achieving ejaculatory control.

Isn’t It About Time?

Basically, it’s all about getting the freedom to maximally enjoy any lovemaking acts without worrying whether it can end as a result of premature ejaculation prior to their partner’s climax. Nowadays, couples usually want to explore popular ways to offer each other pleasure. This might include oral sex, different positions, manual sex, or even sex toys.

For both parties to feel satisfied after having sex, they need to prolong the experience so that both of the can climax. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen as men usually take about five minutes to attain orgasm, with women taking much longer.

Almost all men always attain orgasm during sex, with only thirty percent of ladies who do attain orgasm, the difference is referred to as Orgasm Gap. You should be grateful as Promescent is here to enable you to have more orgasm control that will help reducing Orgasm Gap as well as last longer in bed. It delays ejaculation, thus making sex to last up to sixty-four percent longer.

It as well gives men the greater control while maintaining their feeling, hence enabling you to be more active and adventurous during intercourse.  So, if you need to last longer, Promescent is your perfect choice. There is more than just lasting longer as longer sex will increase the intimacy, enhance communication, as well as have healthier and stronger relationship.

Every man will like that, thus if you are ready to improve your experiences and last long in bed, you should look where to buy the most effective Promescent pill here. If you don’t prefer shipping your product, target carries the pill travel size, or alternatively, you can easily use our warehouse Locator to get Promescent pill at other sellers near you.